In 1940 Manuel Richaud undertakes grow your family business creating the " Biscuits M. Richaud M "during the government of Dr. Héctor Pérez Martínez . This Hearty industry , with experience, expertise and above all tenacity in business starts growing, in the branch of industry ( biscuit ) and facing challenges from the competition , which has existed at all times in the markets and also to situations policies of the moment.
Also of commercial and industrial laws , which proved obsolete at the time. And that being the son of overseas had to put your business on behalf of their children changing its name to " Brothers Galletera Richaud , S. RL "with the passage of time their children faithfully followed the teachings of the school his father forged them .

Don Manuel Misset Richaud , a Campechana industry pioneer and architect of a large family of industrialists in this city, died in the year 1957. Currently the front of your building the factory, " Galletera Richaud Brothers SA Ltd. " are the third generation, young people , enterprising in business 100 % industrial , and continue with the dynamism and love school of learning and teaching, left over from their parents and increasing their industries to support the state , as there fighting unemployment , creating new sources of jobs for the hearty .
Currently the " Industrial Richaud group " is made up of the following companies


Some years ago, the RICHAUD GROUP factory was just a small fry with just two vans to retail ( Changarreo ) , now we are proud to be the largest and most dynamic market organization State Biscuits , Chips , and containers with coverage throughout the territory of the State of Campeche and sustained growth as a group over the years.
Through our daily contact with all clients we can offer a wide range of products for sale. Our goal is to help retail stores to increase their sales and profits , thereby increasing our market share Crackers , Chips , and Containers .

Located in the city of Campeche, we are able to offer our customers fresh, high quality products and thereby generate business opportunities that customers could hardly get on their own. The RICHAUD GROUP consists of three specialized divisions , Crackers, Chips , and containers , supported by a team with extensive experience in the industry

We are a group of Companies 100% Campeche, with extensive experience in the State market, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of a wide variety of products such as CHIPS, COOKIES AND PACKAGING, our purpose we is to offer products of the highest quality to Campechana people.
Besides being productive, human, profitable and competitive businesses that support the growth of the economy of the state, all these actions will facilitate us to transcend boundaries until a projected regional coverage and penetrate markets in the country and abroad
- Keeping and maintaining our quality, taste and price
- Provide good service and attention to our customers
- Keeping as a leader in the consumer market

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